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Aloma Loren

This entrepreneur is not just some guru.

She’s a full time practitioner. She founded and runs a 14,000+ sq ft coworking space and multiple successful non-profits. She’s a community leader, empowerment coach, and mom of four.

Aloma Loren

Who am I and what am I here for?

I am an entrepreneur, a creator, a community builder.

I am a mom of four, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend.

I am an artist, a beekeeper, a traveler.

I am a survivor.

 I am a lifelong learner, a personal development enthusiast, a giver.

I am here to:

EMPOWER you to pursue your dreams.
Empower you to lead by example for your children by going after your goals and believing that you deserve the best.
Empower you to embrace the journey.
Empower you to shed the mom guilt.
Empower you to push through the limiting beliefs.
Empower you to ignore the nay-sayers and surround yourself with people who support you and cheer you on (in person or online).
I am here to inspire you to practice gratitude for what is good but to not be afraid to reach for more. 
I am here to encourage you to be brave.
I am here to be like a supportive best friend or big sister who wants to see you grow and pursue the best version of your life.
I am here to offer you tools and ideas and encouragement when you need it. 
I am here to help you Build Your Dream Life.