Aloma Loren

Aloma was born on an island, in a log cabin steps from the ocean. She even had a pony for a quick minute when she was 4 and rode her pony in the island parade!

Despite this idyllic beginning her life growing up was quite the mix of precious moments and complete chaos.

Poverty, struggle, conflict and chaos, a broken home and broken hearts.

With a shattered sense of self and destroyed confidence she continued to push forward still believing something better was possible…

She lost herself and found her way back…

She dug deep to find the spark still alive within her…

She arose from the ashes of the fire that raged all around her.

She harnessed the power of the fire that raged within her.

She did the work to regain control of her life and realized life could be whatever she dreamed it to be.

She sought out mentors through books and videos, podcasts and within her community.

She found beauty in the lessons and rose above her circumstances despite the generations long cycle of dysfunction tried to hold onto her…

She broke free of the patterns that did not serve her and changed the cycle forever.

The ripple effects of this are profound –  giving her children the gift of a childhood free of domestic violence and setting an example of healthy relationships.

While seeking a life that aligned with her values and honored her passions, she learned how to manifest, create and design a life she loves.

Now Aloma is living her dream life with her loving, supportive husband and their four amazing kids.

She spends her time pursuing various business, community service and personal development endeavors while staying true to her values and protecting precious time with the most important people in her life.

She is passionate about empowering others to break free of societal pressures, chart their own path and pursue their dreams.