Bless a Mom Project

Bringing Recognition Where Recognition is Due

Being a mom is such a hard job.  And right now the challenges have been magnified to levels most of us have never experienced. 

Mom’s are juggling so much right now, even more than usual!  Which, let’s be honest, seems impossible.

But they are doing it and, especially this year, deserve some extra appreciation. 

I have always loved helping celebrate and honor moms. Especially moms who might not have anyone in their lives to show them the appreciation they deserve. 

The first project I did to give back on Mother’s Day was to offer free portraits through the Free Photo Project I started. This was back in 2011! 

It felt so good to give back in this special way.

It was magical seeing a happy, teary eyed mom receive a photo of her and her son. The story she shared with me about what it meant to her brought me to tears too!

Another year I went to the local family shelter and brought craft projects and helped the kids make gifts for their moms. 

I love helping celebrate and honor moms. Bless a Mom is my latest project. 

I hope you’ll be a part of it.

Bless a Mom Project let’s anyone nominate a mom, and you can also nominate yourself!

Not everyone has someone to nominate them. Especially those moms who don’t have someone thinking about how to love on them for Mother’s Day. If this is you, please don’t hesitate to nominate yourself! 

We will bless as many moms as we can. This is not a contest. I believe every mom deserves love and appreciation. 

Nominations are currently closed. If you’d like to be notified when nominations are open again sign up below.

Nominate a Mom Here Until May 4th

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If you want to donate funds or items to help us bless more moms you can donate here or email us.

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